We are intermittently looking for new employees. As new accounts emerge, so does our need for top-notch individuals with a strong work ethic and character. Our starting pay is well above minimum wage. All new employees will have an orientation period based primarily on previous experience.

If you would like to post your application with us, we will be sure to examine it closely and as positions arise, give our on-line applicants top priority prior to posting the position in a classified section of the newspaper.

***Please note that all applicants must be willing to have a background check and must provide excellent personal references. All personal references must NOT be family members. If we determine that a personal reference is given by a family member, the application will be considered null and void. If after hiring an individual, we determine that they were hired under false pretenses, that individual will be immediately terminated. Again, please do not use relatives as personal or professional references.

All employees of Adam’s Cleaning Services must sign a No Compete/Non-Solicitation Agreement stating that they cannot in any way provide cleaning services for any of Adam’s Cleaning clients or referred clients as an Independent worker and that the employee has no intention of starting their own cleaning service to be in direct competition with Adam’s Cleaning Services. Please keep this in mind before submitting an application.

Those individuals called for interviews are determined solely by the management of Adam’s Cleaning Services, Inc. based on their interpretation of the application submitted and the needs of the available position.